About us

About Us

Strong, Stevens, Miller & Wyant PC has a long history that traces the origin of our firm back to 1855.  In 1922, George V. Strong (1893-1964) joined the firm of Lewis Lawrence Smith which has been in existence since 1855, and the name of the Firm was changed to Smith & Strong.  Mr. Strong’s son George V. Strong, Jr. (1925-2002) joined the Firm in 1952 and continued as a senior partner in the Firm until his retirement in 1998.

Over the decades, the Strongs (and the many other attorneys who were partners, members and associates of the Firm) wrote hundreds of wills and trusts and represented thousands of clients.  Over the generations, the Firm has administered estates, guided trustees, worked out disputes over real estate and inheritances, and assisted each succeeding generation with its planning needs.

Our Firm continues to grow with a mission to serve our client base for generations to come.  As a final and important point, we do not have a threshold; we work with clients with minimal assets, as well as those with more substantial holdings.

-Emory, Jim, & Tom